Revoltech Chronicle 2

December 22, 2010

Pre-ordered this Magazine Figure Oh: Revoltech Taizen 2 with limited Revoltech Yamaguchi 100: EVA-01 purple (clear purple) translucent edition. Out on Jan 2010!

Pre-ordered from Hobby Link Japan.
Image from Hobby Link Japan!

Update! – 2.20.2011

Received my copy of Figure Oh Premium Series 9 – Revoltech Taizen 2! from Hobbylink Japan. Sharing updates from the magazine. I recommend buying this magazine for Revoltech collectors out there as it lists all of Revoltech releases (Yamaguchi, Fraulein, Fist of the North star, Queen’s Blade, Assemble Borg) since 2006.

Some photos which you’ll find interesting….

Magazine cover

Boxed with Revoltech Yamaguchi 100 – EVA-01 [EVA EVO Series]

Revoltech Yamaguchi 104 – EVA-00 [EVA EVO Series] – so glad that it isn’t a limited edition like it’s RD counterpart.

Updates on Revoltech Yamaguchi EVA-03 and EVA-05.EVA-05 looks massive, hoping it would be a scale along with the other EVAs.

Sorry for the photo quality but yes, if you have the magazine you’ll see a picture of Vash the Stampede which is black in color with Tokusatsu (Sci-fi) Revoltech Daimajin (which looks gray) and Revoltech Yamaguchi 99 – Getter Arc Black edition. Can’t read Japanese but it looks like these are limited editions the way they’re  in a different layout.

Tokusatsu Sci-fi Revoltech 024 – Iron Man Mark 6 and prototypes for new Gyaos and Gamera.

Prototype for Revoltech Spiderman? Below looks like another EVA. Also we are looking at a Monsters Inc. Revoltech!

The prize! Revoltech Yamaguchi 100 – EVA-01 Clear purple edition. I won’t open it yet though. Busy this weekend…

Not too late yet, there is a February restock of the magazine… get a copy!

Update! – 3.15.2011

Revoltech Yamaguchi 100 EVA EVO EVA-01 Clear Purple Figure-Oh  Revoltech Taizen 2 Exclusive Limited Edition (Whew!) Not even sure if I got that right.

Basically, it’s the same as Revoltech Yamaguchi 100 but  it’s just clear purple, comes in a recycled box and includes a purple Revo plier.

Action shots!

Sachiel lights up, emits a white blinding light, not red.

The recommended pose… not even sure I got the hands right.

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Revoltech Yamaguchi 101: Gunbuster

December 16, 2010

Gunbuster getting Revoltech Yamaguchi treatment! >>> 02/15/2011

More here:

Revoltech Yamaguchi EVA Collectors Box Review

November 22, 2010

Pre-order was slim from Hobby Link Japan and after 30 minutes filling up the pre-order form the item went to Order stop status. (now it’s Discontinued!) So relieved I made it through that process (first time purchase with HLJ) and after my tax responsibility with customs, finally, I got my advance Christmas present… Revoltech Yamaguchi EVA Collectors Box!

Price is ¥8,095 (excluding shipping and customs tax) but it’s worth every penny since I didn’t get a chance to purchase Revoltech Yamaguchi 067 (EVA-01 New Movie); Revoltech Yamaguchi 068 (EVA-02 New Movie) and EX Figure Oh Magazine Exclusive (EVA-03) (way so expensive now because it is an exclusive) so again this is a great blessing for me for not being able to purchase them…

A great collection for Evangelion fans and Revoltech Yamaguchi line…

By the way I almost forgot to mention these figures are in Metallic colors!

Here are some photos:

The Box (It is by far the biggest box among Revoltech Yamaguchi line…and I don’t have a big photo box or studio to take a photo of it…)

Box back (Shows pictures of EVA series from 00-03 and extra parts of each)


Arranged by series EVA-00 to EVA-03. Box contains 4 Transparent stands and extension with 8 Revolver joints, 1 Revoplier (didn’t have one until now!) , 4 Revo Containers and 4 Revo Coins!

Thanks to Decoback for the hangar background kit… hangar fits perfectly to each EVA from 01 to 03, except EVA-00.

Action shots:

EVA-00 [Zerogoki]



With Bazooka (1x)

Note that the pose wouldn’t be possible without the toe articulation which previous Revoltech EVA releases don’t have.

EVA-00 on the run…

with Pallet Rifle (1x) actually total of 3 Pallet Rifles for EVA00-EVA03.

with Progressive knife (1x)

with N2 Depth charges (1x)…

“Ready” pose…

11 Optional hands (total of 13)

*End of EVA 00.

EVA-00 [Shogoki]



“Ready” poses…

Running poses…

with Magoroku sword and counter sword…

only with Magoroku sword…

with Progressive Knife…

No extra head… Mouth opens for Berserk mode…

End of EVA-01

EVA-02 [Nigoki]



Running mode…

…with Hawk smash

with Type-S flight unit (x2) and S-type forearm parts…

…with Gunbow

…with Twin needle guns

…Armored shoulder blade deployment.

Progressive knife (x2)

“Ready” pose.

End of EVA-02

EVA-03 [Sangoki]



…with Arm extension (13th Angel: Bardiel)

Possessed entry plug…

End of EVA-03

Thanks for viewing! Pardon the shaky hands while taking photos… some photos appear blurry when they’re not supposed to. Used a Nikon D40 with basic lens kit.


All 4 figures come with transparent stand!

Revoltech Yamaguchi 093: Blade Liger Red Leon Version

November 9, 2010

Kaiyodo Revoltech will release Blade Liger Red Leon Version. A Dengeki Hobby Magazine Exclusive.

More Info here: Dengeki Hobby


Revoltech Yamaguchi 100 – EVA EVO – EVA Unit 01

October 25, 2010

Revoltech Yamaguchi 100 appears to be EVA Type 01 with Glow in the Dark gimmick and it has been named Revoltech Yamaguchi 100: Evangelion Evolution EVA-01 from Evangelion New Theatrical Version

*Includes 4th Angel with LED gimmick core…

Image and info from:

More info here:

Other reference:

TRIVIA: This will be the 5th EVA-01 in Revoltech Yamaguchi series. (Does not include the limited editions)
(1) Revoltech Yamaguchi 004 – EVA-01
(2) Revoltech Yamaguchi 032 – EVA-01 Rebuild of Evangelion Ver.
(3) Revoltech Mini – EVA- 01
(4) Revoltech Yamaguchi 067 – EVA Unit 01 New Movie Edition Ver.2.0
(5) Revoltech Yamaguchi 100 – Evangelion Evolution EVA-01 from Evangelion New Theatrical Version


Update – Review!

Box front more graphic and colorful than usual.

Box back, graphic as well.

Box opens like a book. A velcro fits the cover in place. More graphic details inside. Parts included, articulation and action shots.

Revoltech Re Stock

October 25, 2010

Revoltechs 050 Gurren Lagann and 052 Lazengann are the first batch of Classic Selection re stock for Revoltech Yamaguchi… others are coming their way!

To be released in December 15 are the following: Translated using Babelfish :p

ブラックゲッター Black Getter

真ゲッター True Getter (?!)

版ゲッター1OVA Edition Getter (?!)

Updated info here:

More info here:

I certainly cannot read Japanese characters but if someone out there can, comments would be appreciated!

I’m hoping for a Shin Getter Black version, haven’t got it yet too pricey…

Revoltech Yamaguchi 052 and 050

October 20, 2010

It appears that Revoltech 052 Lazengann and 050 Gurren Lagann will be released again for TTGL fans out there. I wonder if it will be in a new box…

Look here:

Well, date says: 11/15…