Revoltech Chronicle 2

Pre-ordered this Magazine Figure Oh: Revoltech Taizen 2 with limited Revoltech Yamaguchi 100: EVA-01 purple (clear purple) translucent edition. Out on Jan 2010!

Pre-ordered from Hobby Link Japan.
Image from Hobby Link Japan!

Update! – 2.20.2011

Received my copy of Figure Oh Premium Series 9 – Revoltech Taizen 2! from Hobbylink Japan. Sharing updates from the magazine. I recommend buying this magazine for Revoltech collectors out there as it lists all of Revoltech releases (Yamaguchi, Fraulein, Fist of the North star, Queen’s Blade, Assemble Borg) since 2006.

Some photos which you’ll find interesting….

Magazine cover

Boxed with Revoltech Yamaguchi 100 – EVA-01 [EVA EVO Series]

Revoltech Yamaguchi 104 – EVA-00 [EVA EVO Series] – so glad that it isn’t a limited edition like it’s RD counterpart.

Updates on Revoltech Yamaguchi EVA-03 and EVA-05.EVA-05 looks massive, hoping it would be a scale along with the other EVAs.

Sorry for the photo quality but yes, if you have the magazine you’ll see a picture of Vash the Stampede which is black in color with Tokusatsu (Sci-fi) Revoltech Daimajin (which looks gray) and Revoltech Yamaguchi 99 – Getter Arc Black edition. Can’t read Japanese but it looks like these are limited editions the way they’re  in a different layout.

Tokusatsu Sci-fi Revoltech 024 – Iron Man Mark 6 and prototypes for new Gyaos and Gamera.

Prototype for Revoltech Spiderman? Below looks like another EVA. Also we are looking at a Monsters Inc. Revoltech!

The prize! Revoltech Yamaguchi 100 – EVA-01 Clear purple edition. I won’t open it yet though. Busy this weekend…

Not too late yet, there is a February restock of the magazine… get a copy!

Update! – 3.15.2011

Revoltech Yamaguchi 100 EVA EVO EVA-01 Clear Purple Figure-Oh  Revoltech Taizen 2 Exclusive Limited Edition (Whew!) Not even sure if I got that right.

Basically, it’s the same as Revoltech Yamaguchi 100 but  it’s just clear purple, comes in a recycled box and includes a purple Revo plier.

Action shots!

Sachiel lights up, emits a white blinding light, not red.

The recommended pose… not even sure I got the hands right.

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5 Responses to Revoltech Chronicle 2

  1. KokoNatsu says:

    Really great site! Your Revoltech updates and reviews are really something to look forward to. I have a question regarding ordering from Hobby Link Japan. Do you have any problems with shipping to the Philippines? How much does shipping usually cost? And do you get charged extra for shipping taxes and customs? Was thinking of ordering through them, just wanted to know the lowdown from a reputable source.

  2. julian3183 says:

    Thanks for taking the time to visit, I just enjoy Revoltech updates at my spare time and sharing it to everyone. Oh about with the Hobby Link Japan, i haven’t encountered any problem yet. I purchased my Revoltech EVA Collector box from them as a Preorder [risking SAL (slowest/cheapest shipping method) as my shipping choice!] but still I received it. The shipping cost varies from the dimensions and weight of the package. There is a custom tax though because the amount of the merchandise is declared and yes it is illegal not to declare the correct price of an item. Last computation was 10% of the converted Yen amount. I ONLY purchase online if I think it is cheap and if it is an exclusive item. Cheap meaning it is less than 10,000php because I don’t want to risk a huge amount of money on something that I think I wouldn’t receive. There is still risk involved because this will be shipped and will be handled by someone else unlike a store where you can get it off from their shelves.

    Tip is to ask yourself do I need this item badly and also how much my limit would be… Hope this helps.

  3. KokoNatsu says:

    Thanks for the reply! I’ve ordered only small items from private sellers before and haven’t run into problems with customs tax since they were not too expensive (~30 USD). However, I’ve encountered many horror stories on the net of how customs officials here in the RP pounce on items purchased through online stores like HLJ such that instead of the item being delivered straight to your address, they hold your item in their office for you to claim it, only releasing it after paying sometimes ludicrous prices (some claim paying more for the customs tax than the actual price of their purchase). I was thinking of purchasing from HLJ and wanted to know from others’ personal experiences. Great to hear that their SAL is reliable as your EVA Collector box arrived safe! I imagine there’s no going around customs with that particular purchase though since it’s quite expensive and the box is massive. I’m sure it’s worth it, though. Ah, the things we do for our hobbies. 🙂

    Awesome update on this post, by the way! Can’t wait for the new releases in the next couple of months, especially Jehuty! Hoping that if I do decide to order through HLJ or Amiami, things go smoothly without any hassles from shipping/customs. Thanks for the help!

  4. KokoNatsu says:

    Oh by the way, since your EVA Collector box was shipped using SAL, was it delivered straight to your door or did you have to pick it up somewhere else because of customs? If you were intercepted by customs, where did you pick it up and how much did you have to pay? Was it just the 10% you were referring to? Thanks!

    • julian3183 says:

      Since the EVA Collector box is SAL, it wasn’t delivered straight to our doorstep. Local Post office will intercept the package and send a card notifying the recipient that the package arrived to their office.

      10% is just the tax specific to the item but there’s also document stamp and eVAT. The customs personnel will compute the total amount in front of you. After you have the bill, they’ll give you 30 days to pay for it.

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