Revoltech Yamaguchi EVA Collectors Box Review

Pre-order was slim from Hobby Link Japan and after 30 minutes filling up the pre-order form the item went to Order stop status. (now it’s Discontinued!) So relieved I made it through that process (first time purchase with HLJ) and after my tax responsibility with customs, finally, I got my advance Christmas present… Revoltech Yamaguchi EVA Collectors Box!

Price is ¥8,095 (excluding shipping and customs tax) but it’s worth every penny since I didn’t get a chance to purchase Revoltech Yamaguchi 067 (EVA-01 New Movie); Revoltech Yamaguchi 068 (EVA-02 New Movie) and EX Figure Oh Magazine Exclusive (EVA-03) (way so expensive now because it is an exclusive) so again this is a great blessing for me for not being able to purchase them…

A great collection for Evangelion fans and Revoltech Yamaguchi line…

By the way I almost forgot to mention these figures are in Metallic colors!

Here are some photos:

The Box (It is by far the biggest box among Revoltech Yamaguchi line…and I don’t have a big photo box or studio to take a photo of it…)

Box back (Shows pictures of EVA series from 00-03 and extra parts of each)


Arranged by series EVA-00 to EVA-03. Box contains 4 Transparent stands and extension with 8 Revolver joints, 1 Revoplier (didn’t have one until now!) , 4 Revo Containers and 4 Revo Coins!

Thanks to Decoback for the hangar background kit… hangar fits perfectly to each EVA from 01 to 03, except EVA-00.

Action shots:

EVA-00 [Zerogoki]



With Bazooka (1x)

Note that the pose wouldn’t be possible without the toe articulation which previous Revoltech EVA releases don’t have.

EVA-00 on the run…

with Pallet Rifle (1x) actually total of 3 Pallet Rifles for EVA00-EVA03.

with Progressive knife (1x)

with N2 Depth charges (1x)…

“Ready” pose…

11 Optional hands (total of 13)

*End of EVA 00.

EVA-00 [Shogoki]



“Ready” poses…

Running poses…

with Magoroku sword and counter sword…

only with Magoroku sword…

with Progressive Knife…

No extra head… Mouth opens for Berserk mode…

End of EVA-01

EVA-02 [Nigoki]



Running mode…

…with Hawk smash

with Type-S flight unit (x2) and S-type forearm parts…

…with Gunbow

…with Twin needle guns

…Armored shoulder blade deployment.

Progressive knife (x2)

“Ready” pose.

End of EVA-02

EVA-03 [Sangoki]



…with Arm extension (13th Angel: Bardiel)

Possessed entry plug…

End of EVA-03

Thanks for viewing! Pardon the shaky hands while taking photos… some photos appear blurry when they’re not supposed to. Used a Nikon D40 with basic lens kit.


All 4 figures come with transparent stand!


16 Responses to Revoltech Yamaguchi EVA Collectors Box Review

  1. rahmat budiman says:

    wooow….any info where can i get the same of this too?
    i am a big fans of eva evo….

    please contact me

  2. denny says:

    where did you buy this eva collector box
    cause i’m veeeeeerrrrrry interesting to it
    maybe you can help 🙂

    • julian3183 says:

      Bought it from hlj as preorder. I think one of our stores here in the philippines have this one. Try looking for greattoysonline on facebook. They ship international also.

  3. denny says:

    cause hlj discontinued this 😦

  4. this design should have been put out a long time ago and spared the condumers 3 useless and experimental designs. the other designs either had poor wrist connections or something else. this eva design fixes all the headaches the other designs had. this reviewer still gets ticked off that revoltech puts out other designs for the same units, as if the collector is a completist. so i advise shoppers if they dont have the other eva designs, dont waste you money. just get this one. it is almost as good as the robot spirits eva unit 01. its alost the same height as the RS version. i like revoltech because of its durablity joint wise. i give that to revoltech. this figure comes with lots of accessories and sets of hands. where this figure fails and one previous version excells is that it comes with an extra open-mouthed head, instead of having one head with a hinge. tisk tisk revoltech! besides that, i strongly recommend this eva design, and if you do have the other designs, find someway to trade or sell it off. too many of the same unit 01, especially experimental designs again frustrate me.

    • julian3183 says:

      Amen to that. Got this from HLJ long time ago with an insane amount of luck. Oh no this is not for sale, very sentimental. I am selling 1 though, a part of this series:

      It’s in mint condition. Though im from the Philippines, i dont know how much is the shipping charge for each country.

    • julian3183 says:

      I think there will be more of Revoltech Evas because they’ll release another movie… I’m trying to complete the Revoltech Eva series this time. I am hoping for Kaiyodo to make a Eva Evo collectors box.

  5. I. says:

    i think to buy this, but i have one question, where is the size of each eva??¿

    if you can might be reply me on mail

    • I. says:

      and only pay 8.000 jpy ??¿¿?

      really? 60Eurs, 75$?¿’

      the actual price is 26433.80 Jpy… 200eur… :facepalm: to me jajaj

  6. Heya! Thanks for your review and photos, they are so nice! ^^
    I have question here, I’m very interested about the background you have. How/where can I find/get it? Thanks 🙂
    Kind regards

    • julian3183 says:

      It is called Deco Back i believe they made this in Hong Kong. Mine is reversible as well. The other side of that backround is like an airport or a runway. Some have outer space theme like planet Earth is on the backround etc.

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