Revoltech Expo 2009 Update

Let’s see if Revoltech Expo 2009 met the agenda…

What?: Revoltech Expo 2009
When?: October 31st, from 11AM till 7PM
Where?: Akihabara Anime Center UDX4F, Tokyo.
How much?: Admission is free. 

The Revoltech site has updated with news about upcoming figures to be revealed next month at Revoltech Expo 2009! Popular characters and mecha from certain anime series will make their debut in the Revoltech line. Kaiyodo plans to show the following next month:


* VF-1 Valkyrie Kanzen Henkei(perfect transformation)

Fighter Mode


Battroid mode

VF1-A Valkyrie Kanzen Henkei

VF1-S Valkyrie Kanzen Henkei

VF1-J Valkyrie Kanzen Henkei

*Not sure what the numbers are for each yet, they cost 2400 yen a pop. To be released in January 2010… These will go to my birthday list…

Images from:

More Images here too:


* Zoids mecha

Blade Liger and background is half Genobreaker in development! XD

Image from here:


* Queens Blade new figures

Whew! Is it just me or its just Revoltech getting hotter…

Silhouettes of  upcoming Queen’s Blade releases…

2P color versions… Made available on “selected shops”…

2P color version Nanael

2P color version Echidna

2P color version Airi

Images here:


* ARX-7 Arbalest from Full Metal Panic!

ARX-7 Arbalest

Images from:

Image from:

ARX-8 Laevatein (Is this a repeat release? I don’t see any new gimmicks…) We’ll I’ll pass for this one if there’s none.

Image from:


* Fist of the North Star new figures

More here:

* SFX Figures such as the first Revoltech Aliens figure!

Also will be known as Tokusatsu Revoltech…
@ the event they officially unveiled the year long teaser campaign for these new Revoltech Line.
It appears that Revoltech SFX figures are in line with movies created in the past and present.

No. 002 – Alien

No. 001 – Daimajin (Some sort of a movie) See wiki…

Others… posted here…

You’ll see:

No. 003 Booska
No. 004 Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
No. 005 ?
No. 006 Giant Robo (from Live Action series)
No. 007 Gamera
No. 008 Gyaosu

Image From:
No. 009 Batman! *Yey! Gotta get get!
No. 010 – ?
No. 011 T-Rex (Jurassic Park)
No. ??? GR2 (from Live action)


* Professor Layton

I don’t know him well… I did not see any pictures, featuring him as well…


* Assemble Borg

Campaign for Revoltech Assemble Borg is still rolling and boasts new borgs on Expo 2009.

Images here:


Fraulein Revoltech

Image from:


Revoltech Yamaguchi

Getter Robo G!


Here is the website:


2 Responses to Revoltech Expo 2009 Update

  1. Arvin says:

    Happy New Year! I’m so excited about the transforming Macross series! Damn, I just completed them (except for the red Milia). Also looking forward to the Revoltech treatment of The Dark Knight!

  2. julian3183 says:

    Happy new year too! Congratulations for completing the set! I haven’t yet just the max and milia i got… but will do soon hopefully!

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