Revoltech 074: Getter Dragon

Finally my pre-order arrived. Revoltech Yamaguchi 074: Getter Dragon. At the same time, a great weather to do some photos outdoors.

Box Front – Bigger box.

Box Back

Inside the box… w/ Revochip 10 & Revoltech box for acessories… No free assemble borg this time.

Revoltech Yamaguchi Getter Dragon stands approx ~5″. Same as the first generation of Revoltech Getters.
Total of 14 Revolver joints. 1 head, 2 shoulders, 2 elbows, 1 mid torso, 2 pelvis part, 2 knees, 2 ankles and 2 on the back part of leg below the knee.

Getter Dragon’s back. As you may notice leg part below the knees are not solid like the first Revoltech Getter releases. It features a door with a revolver joint for more knee angle action.

2 Extra pairs of hands. 1 pair open hands (with hinge wrist action), 1 pair for grab. (Double Getter Tomahawk)

Wing Accessory

Pros: Easier to put than its predecessor figure Revoltech Yamaguchi 001 Getter 1.

Cons: Limits the articulation of shoulders and arms. End tip of wing on the inside locks with the upper torso (rib). The “Spin cutters” lock inside the wing also.

Double Tomahawk
Double Tomahawk Boomerang
Getter Beam (head accessory, not yet in this picture)

Getting ready for action shots… lol.

Action shots:

Take note: You can’t make this pose with the wing.


Double Tomahawk!

Double Tomahawk Boomerang!

Getter Beam!!!

Getter beam head attachment… it’s a head with the beam!

Effect accessory…

Sculpt: ★★★ There are some paint smears with the panel lining. The shoulder covers are made of a bit more flexible plastic. They should have done that on the wing accessory also… for more articulation when wing is attached. A bit disappointing with revolver joint on the neck… it should have been hidden behind the neck, not showing… it looks like goiter.

Articulation: ★★I can’t see any difference on the articulation on the added revolver joint on the back of the leg nor an aesthetic feature for it. Kaiyodo should have just used the same body and joints of the Getter 1 release. When the wing is attached it is not possible to make a flying posture (two arms towards the sky..) Wings lock on it’s upper torso. Arms can only be positioned sideways like Iron man with the wings… Around 4-6 times that the elbow disconnected from the shoulder… a bit of a pain when doing some poses.

My Review Rating: ★★There are more revolver joints on this figure yet it lacked the appeal when some poses were not possible to do when another part is attached.


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