Summer Wonderfest 2009!

I’m not there but at least some were glad to share us the event with their pictures. Sharing you some I viewed online.

SRW Hotnews!
-lots of links… Thanks!!
-Shots of the upcoming Revoltech 076: EVA Test type -01 New Movie Edition (Temporary); by the looks like of it, it is on Berserk mode with left arm without an armor! Battle damage perhaps… I can’t see what series number it is yet it shows EVA Provisional Unit – 05 New Movie Edition (Temporary) Again?!; A Revoltech Dancouga… not familiar maybe wiki it later … and Arbalest Yahoo!  Just when I thought that Robot Tamashii had the sole license for Full Metal Panic. My Revoltech Laevatein will now have a friend!

Something about another line under Revoltech category like the Revoltech Fist of the North Star maybe…  Revoltech Basara…


Can’t read japanese text yet but more Revoltech stuff posted here… Revotech Neo Getter and Revoltech Getter Dragon. Yey! Finally!

Revoltech Fist of the North Star….
Revoltech Assemble Borg…

-Again, it feels like the night before Christmas!


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