Revoltech 001: Getter 1

The initial release for the Revoltech Yamaguchi line. Thankful that I was able to get one before it ceased production.

“Oooopen Getoooo!!!”

Sharing here my review.

Box front

Box back

Figure stands approx ~5″
This figure only have 4 Revolver joints. Knees and ankles only.
Head, Torso, Elbows, Pelvis only have the basic shaft/hinge joints.

Counted 30 points of articulation…

Figure Back. Only 4 Revolver Joints.

1 Figure Stand
2 Interchangeable Grip Hands
2 Interchangeable Open Palm Hands (Karate chop or flight hands)
2 Extension Wing Attachments
1 Getter Tomahawk
1 Waist beam

Now to test the articulation:


Getter Beam!

Attached the wings. They only fit one way, unless you force it, that’s a different story.


Ultra ray… LOL.

Getter Tomahawk!

Sculpt: ★★★The paintjob is great! Sculpt is rounded like the anime.

★★★ Hats off for Katsuhisa Yamaguchi because even with only 4 Revolver joints, this figure can still manage dynamic poses. Especially the shoulders they can be moved towards the front and back even without the Revolver joints. Interchangeable hands are male. Unlike the later releases that have wrist control or revolver joint but have a female connector, hands with male connectors are easier to change.  However, -1 star because there is a possiblity that the hands and hinged joints may tend to get loose over time.

My Review Rating: ★★★It’s just me but I like this figure.


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