Revoltech 023: Dangaioh

Welcome back! Here’s another Revoltech review: Dangaioh.

Note: I am using Photobucket now. For a noob, I have formatted the pictures to a small size. shucks..

This piece is a bit pricey now as Kaiyodo ceased production of this model, rare to find now on stores and ebay. First release: 3/15/07. Luckily I got one.


Box Front: It has a slight deformity, shelf damage, no one is interested perhaps, store owner guaranteed that it’s an old stock, but its ok.

Box Back: Used flash on this one. Making the print appear to be faded.

1 Haja no Ken (“Sword of Crushing Evil”)
5 Optional Hands. 1 Hand has a definitive pattern. Energy move perhaps.
1 Action stand (No revolver joint)

Figure stands ~5″. Great paintjob for it’s size.

Figure has 12 Revolver joints.
35 points of articulation including the joints.

Action shots!

Sculpt: ★★★☆ Paintjob is excellent even in the smallest detail. Yellow dots on the shoulders and on the waist. Paintjob on the chest, silver thrusters on the arms, metallic blue on calves,  steel color on the back pack. Importantly, it really looks the same as on the anime. There are only a few accessories, but it’s just me…I wanted more.

Articulation:☆ There are 12 Revolver joints on this figure. Downside is the revolver joint on its pelvis, connecting the waist and legs. To pose it properly, leg needs to be removed. Revolver joint to be adjusted and then leg again inserted, not doing so, the revolver joint will not follow the leg position or creating a position is unstable.  Kaiyodo should have made the pelvis like their Evangelion Series, because in reality based on human movement, a thigh/leg cannot be twisted 360 degrees.

My Review Rating: ★★★☆ Paint job and looks are so good. An excellent tangible replica of the anime. Just the posing part is a bit difficult.


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