8th Philippine Toy Con 2009

What: The 8th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectible Convention 2009
When:  June 13-14, 09.
Where: Megatrade Hall 2-3 and Megartrade Conference Center A-B, SM Megamall.
How much: 100php entrance fee.

Even with the AH1N1 influenza scare inside the mall, nothing stopped us from attending this event.

Day 1

My wife and her brother are now fans of this event I attend every year. :p


Clone Storm Trooper with the itch. (I hope it’s not contagious…) XD

More Storm troopers…

People everywhere… Cosplayers and Enthusiasts…

Wasabitoys! my favorite toy supplier!
Merchandise bought from store:
Revoltech 010: Patlabor Ingram 01 – 670php
Revoltech 041: Patlabor Type 7 Brocken OVA (Red Limited Version) – 950php

Wife sets up the Toy Con mood with a wig! XD

Cosplayer girl ready for the competition…

Cobra Commander!

Day 2!

Same thing but there are more people now than Day 1 coz it’s a Sunday Family Day.
More Toy Sales.. And more cospalyers.

Well that’s it pancit. It was fun!


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