Revoltech 007: Overman King Gainer

This is one of my favorite Revoltech action figure even I did not have the time to watch the anime. It’s eccentric looks don’t  fail to amaze me.

Bought this from ebay from a Japanese seller last year. Just recently took photos of it and why just now?  because it’s the only time I have the equipment (camera) and leisure time to do it.  This figure has already ceased it’s production the time I purchased it, but Kaiyodo had done some restock lately as demand for this figure is high.

Here are the pics:

Box Picture…

Front action shot. Figure stands 6″ tall and with 43 articulation points!

Paint job alone is so detailed and there are no paint smears. A feature I noticed to those figures that are part of the first releases/production.

Figure comes with:
1 Green Halo Ring/Photon Mat Ring (Appears when Overman King Gainer is flying)
1 Gun Attachment for Gun mode
1 Blade Attachment for Sword Mode
4 Spare Hands

Action shots… 43 articulation points to the test.

Overman King Gainer with Gun.

Overman King Gainer with Sword.

Ka…. me… ka… me…

Feng Wei Kenpo pose…

Green halo ring (Photon Mat Ring) … used a Gunpla stand for this.

Paint job: ★★★ The colors are well defined as it is. No paint smears!

Sculpt: ★★★ The body is in proportion. Optional hands is a great addition for hand poses. 1 star for the accessories as they fit well on those optional hands (index finger on trigger and grip on sword) and the accessories itself are well detailed. The sword handle is made of rubber and tend to bend 😦 -.5 point) . Belt tend to disconnect when making some poses.  (-.5 point)

Articulation: There are 12 Revolver joints on this figure + 2 on the Green halo ring. 4 Revolver joints on the head for the hair like attachment to make poses out from it one of it’s cool features. Hands have a Revolver joint which acts as a wrist joint, so hands can be angled to a position desired.

My Review Rating: ★★★ Paint job is great and the accessories as well. With endless imagination and with 43 points of articulation, poses may be limitless.


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