Revoltech 059: ARX-8 Laevatein

Bought this last year thru a pre order from Wasabitoys! It’s just this time I have the time and camera to take picture of it. Too bad that this is now Discontinued I was looking forward on getting another Demolition Howitzer. Sharing you my pictures and review with this fella.


The box is different from other Revoltech Boxes. No need to say more.

Thus figure comes with:

2 Anti Tank Daggers
2 Monomolecular Cutter
2 Monomolecular Cutter unsheathed optional for kneecap
2 Grenades
2 Optional Soldier
3 Robot Arms
1 165mm Multi-purpose Demolition Howitzer (BFG Doom players!)
2 Magazines for the Demolition Howitzer
1 Shotgun
5 Optional Hands
1 Optional Head with Hair
1 Stand
1 Instruction Manual(?)

Action shots!

Action pose with anti tank dagger…

w/ Shotgun

w/ monomelecular cutters

w/ Grenade

w/ optional shoulders and head.

w/ Demolition Howitzer

-oops… dinner time… You can view  my other shots on my flickr account. Just find january_julian.


5 Responses to Revoltech 059: ARX-8 Laevatein

  1. Arvin says:

    Great shots of the ARX-8. I want one myself! (“,) Just wondering if you’ve had problems with your Revoltechs with regards to the extra hands when the joints don’t fit into the holes? If so, what do you use to make the holes bigger? Thanks!

    • julian3183 says:

      Thanks! Uhm with your question, well what I do with those hands that don’t fit is I use the extra revolver joint that comes with the stand. (Some figures have it) then flex the joint to a 90 degree (L shape) or the maximum angle it can do and insert that to the holes then with a twist action using the other end. Also if you have those mini screw driver kit for wrist watches or those L shape tool (L shape tool [Can be bought as a kit! I think there are like 20 L shaped tool in 1]for octagon head screws) look for an easy fit… Sometimes you do not need any tools at all. It really requires patience sometimes… I have suffered consequences from it before 😥

  2. Arvin says:

    Thanks. Will give it a try. Ar you talking about Allen keys/wrench (L-shaped tools)? I just got Danbo and 3 Macross Revoltechs in the mail today. Exciting! Cheers!

    • julian3183 says:

      Yes, that’s it allen keys! those small ones, you can use some. That’s great man. How many Revoltechs do you have now?

      • Arvin says:

        Hello again. I’ve got a total of 14 as I only select the series I collect. I took a break from Revoltechs when Hasbro’s Mighty Muggs came out. Now I’m just looking for collectibles in Revoltechs. What about you?

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