Revoltech 004: Eva-01 Test Type Yamashita Ikuto Version

Purchased this one from (Malaysia) as I was too late to bid Tokyohunter’s stock on this one. Found it on Google and it was hiding and nowhere to be found on (Worldwide site). Surprised that my log in works on all regions like Malaysia. Purchased it Mint in box and cost was around 2000php + shipping!

This is one of the limited edition released by Kaiyodo on EVA-01 figure and you can exclusively buy them from Evangelion Store in Japan and is now long sold out.

I’m now changing the way I post my pictures, I will not watermark them anymore. I mean anything you post on the Internet can be copied and edited anyway. We call it in College as an “Open Source” thing, because if you post it, it’s already a public property.

The Box.

Paper band is more colorful than the normal release of Revoltech  EVA 01.

The figure is painted differently, NERV logo on each shoulders, Flag of Japan, Chest plates also have <EVA-01 on it. Some parts are purple translucent, like neck, torso, shoulders to biceps.

Accessories are the same. No special paintings for these.

1 Magoroku Sword
1 Automatic Rifle
1 Progressive Dagger
1 Pistol
1 Umbilical Power Cord/Cable
1 Interchangeable head (Berserk)
6 Interchangeable hands

Articulations are also the same… Here are the action shots.

Well that is it…

I’ll be posting more pictures soon. You can view my Flicker account under january_julian…
Thanks for dropping by!


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