Ribbon’s Guncannon/Ribbon’s Gundam

*Spoiler Alert*
It is the end ladies and gentlemen of our beloved Gundam 00 series (Gundam 00 S2 Ep25- “Rebirth”). 😥

Would just like to share some of the awesome mobile suits that may soon become model kits…

Ribbon’s Almark unveils his last mobile suit Ribbon’s Guncannon (hmmm sounds and looks familiar)

Ribbon’s Guncannon transforms into “Reborn Gundam”/”Ribbon’s Gundam.
(Gunpla, Gunpla, Gunpla…..XD)


  • Twin GN drive Tau (Pseudo GN drives) not linked with Veda. Equipped on each elbows.
  • Offensive bits, like the Throne Zwei. (later on turned GNW-20000 Arche Gundam)
  • Two powerful Beam Cannons on each shoulder.
  • Beam Saber.
  • Beam Rifle.

Can’t wait for the model kit for this one, I am sure Bandai will make one! Here it is!

0 Gundam also makes an appearance, piloted by Ribbon’s Almark for the last time. (Looks like the legendary Gundam RX78-2!)


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