Trans-Am Burst

*Spoiler Alert*
Probably the last trump card for a Gundam Meister turned Innovator. The Trans-Am Burst is…

“When the quantum brainwaves of a pure innovator couple with the Twin Drive. Purer GN Particles expand people’s consciousnesses” – Regene Regatta

-It means that the pure GN particles emitted allows a telepathic communication between individuals. ex. Dialogues between Lyle (Lockon Stratos) and Ali Al-Saachez; Marie (Soma Peires), Hallelujah/Allelujah Haptism and Andrei Smirnov; Saji Crossroad and Louise Halevy.
-Not just telepathic communication but also a catalyst in helping two people understand each other amidst of war and hate.
-Disrupts quantum brainwaves. Revive Revival and Healing Care loosing their concentration in battle.
-Has also the ability to remove pain according to Lasse. (not certain if it could heal but maybe)
-A lot of greenish glittery light! XD

*Area covered by GN particled as a result of Trans-Am Burst. Behind is the asteriod where Veda is located*


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