Fraulein Revoltech Yoko Movie Version

There has been a lot of criticism from anime fans on the first release of Fraulein Revoltech 010 Yoko. Ad doesn’t seem to match the actual product. Too bad. I am having second thoughts on purchasing the first Fraulein Yoko. Oh well… But here comes a 2nd incarnation. It seems like they will correct the first mistake this time.

It will come out in May 2009.

It has more accessories A sniper rifle, a machine gun and a handgun; 2 sets of hairdo; 1 face … And maybe (speculation… can’t read Japanese) you can swap the faces of the first release (which was the problem on the first release!) .

Also it looks like Yoko also went to a plastic surgeon to have her breasts enhanced. 😛

I have done my pre-order at Wasabitoys just a while ago. I hope I am not too late for it.

P.S. Should you want to view the review of the first Yoko click here.


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