Revoltech 003: Dante

I never played the Devil May Cry series. I had 2 PlayStation 2 systems before, 1 fat and 1 slim but sold it to my cousin and my girlfriend’s brother, respectively. I find video games to be repetitive as I play only one player games but enjoyed 2 players for the name calling and bragging rights. Bought this one just to have one. XD

‘Nuff said…

Let’s proceed with the review:

Box Front/Left Side: Contains the Revoltech Series number: 003.
Displays Kaiyodo, Toytribe… also where the kit is based
from which is Devil May Cry III.

Box Back/Right Side: Features possible poses for the figure. Note the gold
sticker which has a Megaman logo as proof of license from CAPCOM.

Side colors of the box are green, another revoltech (Revoltech 012: Revy) figure has this color scheme. To categorize “Humanoid” from “Real Robots” and “Super Robots”.

Box contents:
1 5″ Dante Action Figure

Accessories: (From Bottom to Top)
1 Guitar named “Nevan”
1 Sword named “Rebellion”
2 Handguns “Ebony” and “Ivory”
1 Double barreled shotgun
1 Interchangeable head
1 Display stand with a Revolver Joint

Front/Points of Articulation

Dante Action figure stands ~5″. Can stand on its own but dynamic poses needs the stand that comes with it. It has 6 Revolver joints (in circles). Total of 19 points of articulation.


The paint job is so detailed. The zippers are colored gold. Belt locks are silver. Dante’s clothing is colored red and the contours add shadows and change of hues of the same color.

Interchangeable Heads.

The original head. Snicker.

Extra head saying Huraaaaaaaa!

Action Shots:

Whatchulukin at?

Ivory and Ebony

Dante with Shotgun and Ivory

Dante with Rebellion Sword

…Oh Sweet child of mine!

Guitar Hero?

Sweet! the guitar turns into a death scythe.

ala Buster Sword strike

Paint job: ★★★ The colors are well defined as it is. The trench coat has  shadings of different hues and shadows. The leather color, buttons, zippers and buckles are well painted to the smallest detail. No paint smears.

Sculpt: ★★★☆☆ The body is in proportion. But the hands are fixed. Unlike other Yamaguchi releases, there are optional hands. 1 star for the accessories as they fit well on those fixed hands (index finger on trigger and grip on sword) and the accessories itself are well detailed.

Articulation: ★★★☆☆ There are only 6 Revolver joints on this figure. Thus limiting other possible dynamic poses. Articulation on the shoulder and leg is a bit tricky and may end up in dismemberment. Some may tend to become loose.

My Review Rating: ★★★Paint job is great and the accessories as well. Playability is a question here as mentioned. With endless imagination and with 19 points of articulation, a lot of poses can be done with this figure but needs caution as they may become loose or worse get dismembered.


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