Search for HGUC Z’gok’s Mono eye

This kit is my favorite kit amongst the other Gunplas, Owning a total of 6, 3 Master Grades, 2 Char Z’gok (1 still in box) and 1 Mass produced (still in box) . 3 High Grades, 1 Char Z’gok (still in box) and 2 Z’gok Mass Produced.

*Pended because of time constraints.

It is also the reason why this blog was named after it. Bet ya didn’t know that! XD

The HGUC Z’gok project was pended because to my disappointment the eye that comes with the kit is only a sticker. (AAArrrrrrrggghhhhhh) This made me think, Will I kit bash or not, that is the question…

Fearing that another kit of mine would lose a mono eye. I checked ever reliable Google and encountered this site called Mecha Skunk. They sell a variety of optional parts for Gunpla. Since it is pricey and also the ever questionable shipment (Circumstances may happen, lost, customs, etc.) So this was not the answer I was looking for.

Then again, I wonder, where can I get a mono eye. As I was online and at the same time burning a CD. After I pressed the eject button from my laptop. To my surprise… There it is… a mono eye in a form of Optical drive lens!

Since I did not have time to purchase it in Raon, Quiapo… where I know there would be a lot in there. I asked my friend Leo to get me one after he’s done buying DVD’s. To my surprise a junk drive costs only 50php and the new one costs 150php (lens only). Told him to get the junk drive instead. Told him to get 2.

‘Nuff said..

Here’s how it’s done…

1) A defective optical drive from Raon Quiapo, costs 50php.

2) A Knowledge using a screw driver.

3) A steady hand using a craft knife.

The Holy Grail

4) That’s it…

Used a Tamiya Tape to test the mono eye…

The eyes seem to protrude from the frame. So further modification is needed. Also I don’t want the Z’gok mono eye to be fixed. I would need to modify again on the inside. Insert a small disk perhaps… So the eye can move from left to right…

Success! Now my Z’gok can see….

P.S. So what happened to the other junk? Very Good question…

I will leave those to your imagination…


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