Revoltech Danboard Review

Bought this last year from ebay, item+shipping for 4000 yen. This is the first 2G Revoltech I bought. I bought this one because I have a problem with limited edition items.

Danboard is a character in the manga Yotsuba&!. it is a cardboard box robot. Yotsuba&! thinks it is a real robot but it’s not.

All boxed up! Transit acquired damage on paper band. Ebay seller lost one star.

No one is perfect. Ebay seller got a positive feedback as long as I receive the item.

What’s inside the box…

The set includes Miura Hayasaka’s head, a stand, extra revoltech joint and Danboard figure. A pamphlet is also included in which it shows other Revoltech figures and the catchy phrase: “Let’s collect all Revoltech”. XD

Stand says: Yotsuba&! Enjoy Everything


Revoltech Danboard has 5 Revoltech Joints + 1 Revoltech Joint on Miura Hayasaka’s head. Total of 6. This figure has less articulation than Revoltech Yamaguchi.

Walking Pose

Eyes light up!

Switch is located on Danboard’s head on the  left side


Head stand!

so it’s not a robot after all.

Paint job: ★★★☆☆ (Danboard is made of used boxes and the color really looks like a real box. Details such as barcodes and fragile add a realistic touch to it. But the color is only brown, hues of brown, brown everywhere, even the box.)

Articulation: ★★☆☆☆ (Since it has only 6 revoltech joints, poses are limited. But 1 ★ for the light. I hope that they will integrate light to other figures.)

My Review Rating: ★★★☆☆

Overall, Revoltech Danboard even with less articulation, it is still a work of aesthetic value. Yes, it is cute. It is inspiring. Inspires me for my next halloween costume.


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