SD Gundam Exia (Straight Snap Build)

This is the 2nd time I snap built a SD kit. First was a SD Mushamaru but forgot where I kept it. This fella took me an hour to build. Making sure I do not cut the part because for SD kits, there is no thin plastic or sprue between the frame and part. Technically, you cut off the part from a thick piece of plastic frame so I used a craft knife instead of the side cutter.

In the first place, why did I purchase this kit? Well, special thing about this is it has a GN Drive frame that can be detached/attached unlike the HG 1/144 or NG 1/100 version of it. It may serve as a kit bash in the future.

*See what I mean.

I bought this kit also to test my skill, start at the bottom category to top. Will build seriuosly this time. Unlike before, build it as fast as I can.

This is what it looks like after the snap build.

*Not yet a match.

Naturally for SD kits, plastic parts don’t match what is on the booklet unlike MG. So there’s the challenge. This kit needs to undergo a tedious work to match the “serving suggestion” like the Instant Pancit Canton.

Still WIP.


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