The Robot Spirits


It is not Revoltech…

It is not MIA (Mobile Suit in Action)…

It’s Robot Spirits!!! (Robot Tamashii)

Click me! for more info:

Bandai’s venture into high-precision robot figures for the adult market began 10years ago. ROBOT SPIRITS represents a culmination of this technology. High-precision 12cm figures are rendered with careful attention using the latest 3D CAD technology. Solid, smooth and soft materials are combined to create an unprecedented level of detail and realistic finish. The result is nothing less than a new standard in robot figures.

… So that’s why Kaiyodo Revoltech don’t have Gundam and Code Geass on their Yamaguchi line as Bandai already have the rights.

Gamu-Toys.Info provided already a review for Gundam 00.



Robot Spirits boasts realistic mecha portrayal and fluid motion.

The current line up consists of Gundam 00 and  Code Geass.

Click me! For product line up…

But soon they are planning to launch MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SERIES, PSALMS OF PLANETS EUREKA SEVEN, CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 and MACROSS F <FRONTIER>.


Better save up!


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