Revoltech Lagann, Arc Gurren and …

Wow! my second post in one day. While waiting for Revoltech to release again in May. I checked some Revoltech news online and Googled some images along the way and then saw this.

I do not know the last figure on this page. Downloaded the complete series but did not have any time to watch it. Again, I hope these are not exclusives.


2 Responses to Revoltech Lagann, Arc Gurren and …

  1. Phong Chang says:

    Dude, you NEED to find time to watch the rest of the series! The EPICness will blow you away! That last figure is Chouginga Gurren-Lagann. He’s 4x the size of Earth. I’m watching the whole series for my 5th time, but I’ve seen my three fav episodes over 40x each by now! (Yet I still have a life, LOL!) Anyway, I too hope those aren’t exclusives, because I’m ordering them soon as well. If you already haven’t, get the Revoltech Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann. (The most bad@ss of GL’s forms. Size of a galaxy!) Well, thanks for the info on the figures.

    • julian3183 says:

      No problem man! By the way finished the series this weekend! Too bad Nia has to disappear it is a happy series at the beginning of it but gets sad as it goes to the end. TTGL is incomparable to other anime and in mecha that is why it’s the best! I already have the TTGL revoltech just waiting for this cute gurren and lagann! and also those other two namely arc and chouginga!

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