Revoltech Getter Dragon & Neo Getter

Update! Update! Update!

Revoltech Yamaguchi 074: Getter Dragon

More here:

Revoltech Yamaguchi 075: Neo Getter

More here:

Update! Update! Update! Read all about it. Wonderfest 2009 Update!

So this is how the anticipated Revoltech Duo will look like once complete…

Source: Amiami

Sooooo Cool!

I saw this while searching images of Neo getter on Google and to my surprise, I found 2! I cannot read Japanese… But seen this kind of publication before and after a few months there they go…On a toy shop. I hope these are not exclusives…

I hope they make a Revoltech of 2 more mechas i love. Voltes V and Daimos…


3 Responses to Revoltech Getter Dragon & Neo Getter

  1. KC says:

    I haven’t really been interested in any of the Revoltech so far…UNTIL I saw that Getter Dragon is coming! (Getter One is so overdone!)

  2. RevOlliNe Community…

    […]Revoltech Getter Dragon & Neo Getter « i.zgok[…]…

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