Revoltech 016 Black Mazinkaiser – 40 years of Go Nagai

There is a story behind how i got this action figure. The first time I saw this Revoltech figure was on the Hetare_d_max website. As a Revoltech enthusiast & along with my fascination with Mecha, I said to myself that I have to get this one… that’s when my quest began.

I checked looking for someone who is selling this item in the Philippines… None. Checked Worldwide listing and there were 2. Each costs around (in PHP) 3.8K and 4K and it is for bidding, not a “buy now” price and do not forget the shipping which costs 900 more. My budget was 4K and it wasn’t enough.

I said to myself, well it’s not for me then… So I accepted the fact that I cannot get this item.


A few months later… I received a newsletter from Wasabi toys and they have this item in stock! But they were only selling 1. I went to their shop hoping I would be the first one to get it but the item was already sold… 😥

Again, I said to myself, well it’s not for me then… So I accepted the fact that I cannot get this item.

…I again checked Hetare_d_max website and I saw this and if i cannot get the Mazinkaizer version then I’ll get the Black Shin Getter one. Checked… None. On worldwide listing there were like 5 items and the range was 4K-5K. I called Great Toys as they have it listed on their branch stock list and they said that they were selling one but was sold out a year ago and it only costs 3K (lucky kid). Then again like a month later a seller from France opened an auction on ebay for A Black Shin Getter that costs only 2.8K. Someone already placed a bid. As a technique… you watch the item and before the bid ends, like a minute left then place the bid… I placed a bid for $1 USD, but failed to win as the other bidder also made a bid again for $1 and then auction ended.

Finally…I said again to myself, well if it’s not for me then it is not for me.

I used my budget of 4K to buy groceries instead. I had like 2K left… I decided to use it to buy a non exclusive or non exclusive that is no longer in production. We went to Greenhills… went to Wasabi Toys. Went to their Revoltech shelf, grabbed a Revoltech 028 EVA-01 Type F AFC Experiment also picked up my pre-order of Revoltech 062 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Was about to pay the item then saw this familiar box on their Transformers shelf… A Revoltech Black Mazinkaizer!

The lady cashier told me that it is on sale if I am interested. What happened was a person had it reserved with no down payment and probably forgot to follow up.

The price was 2.8K. Lady said I can pay for a down payment then just pay it in full on my next visit. Gave her my 1K.

This month, I finally got it!!! This is actually my birthday present to myself. My baby also bought me a present, the Revoltech 060 Enki and Revoltech 064 Enkidu. (Will post them maybe after this post.)

It’s really funny how life works… Some people may call it luck, some divine intervention, I call it destiny… (so gay)

Here are the pics: (Sony DSC-W120 Cybershot)

Box Picture *some shelf damage* but it’s tolerable…

Zooming In


I will be taking more pictures and probably a review of this soon. Maybe sometime in March or April by the time I can buy a DSLR Camera…

For the meantime… You may view Hetare_d_max’s review on this figure.


2 Responses to Revoltech 016 Black Mazinkaiser – 40 years of Go Nagai

  1. Arvin says:

    Holy cow! You’ve got the Black Mazinkaiser! Geez, you’re lucky. U got it a very good price as well. I just realised from reading your blog that you’re also Pinoy! I’ve been hunting this since it was released in Dec 2007, but so far it’s quite pricey for me. Hope I get lucky as you soon!

    • julian3183 says:

      Yep. Pinoy ako. Most of it are around 4K. These are buys that were “really meant to be” like those when fate closes its doors it opens a window type of story.

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