Happy New Year!

Been a while that i wasn’t able to update this blog. Went on a vacation, a 14 hours from Manila. There is web access but yet again it’s a vacation and being lazy is part of it! XD

What happened last year. Moments that i can remember…

  • Unico ijo: Lord Caeleb A. Julian, i’m now a Dad! (July 24, 2008)
  • My son’s christening. A lot of loving support. Thanks to all of you guys, you know who you are.
  • A brand new Car: Toyota Vios 2008 1.5G AT. Renewed my expired license of 3 years.
  • Spent Christmas with my Lola after like 3 years of working.
  • 2 years with my soon to be wife: Maricris Antonio. I love you!!!
  • Got awards for working my ass off and participation on Kaizen events.
  • Got a lot of Revoltech Stuff. I mean a lot. *again not posting it as I enjoy sleeping than blogging. Also no decent camera right now to catalog them.
  • Win 500 pesos from an online casino…
  • I survived the year! But damn, i don’t get any younger.

Expectations this year. (Unusual)

  • Win Super Lotto.
  • Win or buy a DSLR Camera.
  • Pink Technomarine watch for my baby.
  • Out of the town/country vacations.
  • A promotion. Bigger paycheck.
  • Wealth for my health.
  • More toys!

That’s it… Hope to survive this new year.


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