Wiki says:

Revoltech (リボルテック?) is an action figure line from the Japanese company Kaiyodo. The main selling point of the line is the ‘Revolver’ joint, which all of the figures utilize. This gives the figures a high degree of articulation, allowing for many dynamic and varied poses.

The subject matter for the Revoltech line can be broadly split into 3 categories—Real Robot, Super Robot and Humanoid, with the Real Robot line being the best served at present. Thus far, only mecha/characters from anime and video games have been covered.

I say:

The best toy/collectible line ever created! For collectors who are into articulation and fans of mecha and anime. It is the best toy there is.


Revolver Joint was invented by collaboration works of Japanese figure maker KAIYODO and Manga artist Nightow Yasuhiro’s (内藤 泰弘 Naitō Yasuhiro) (creator of Trigun and Gungrave) toy brand TOY TRIBE in 2004.

May 2006, “Revoltech Yamaguchi” line was launched in Japan. Katsuhisa Yamaguchi is the designer of these lines. 2 each month and now having a total of 60 and still counting…

Product Details:

Here is the side box art of a Revoltech Box…

Here is the Translation I got:

Revoltech is the figure collection’s generic name which uses some new system parts of revolver joints.

CLICKS! Inner gear of revolver joint makes unique clicking sound. Gear mechanism keeps joints in angles and positions you want!

  • Easy to insert and move.
  • Wide range of clickable angles with ratchet.
  • Maintain any pose angle perfectly.
  • Limbs interchangeable among figures.
  • Eliminate joint wear from excessive bending.

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