Canned Goods!

Listing my Top 10 Canned Food. Why? Why not… It’s a food marvel that is. One of survival kits for lazy boned individuals, slackers and couch potatoes. When you check it’s history; comes long way back during the French Revolutionary Wars. Here’s my list:

  1. SPAM – and all of it’s varieties, great with rice or bread, fry, grill or out of can raw. My comfort “canned” food.
  2. Libby’s Vienna Sausage – comes in a small can and ideal for quick snacks. Easy to open!
  3. Libby’s Corned Beef – chopped onions and tomatoes makes this an excellent rice topping, or a sandwich.
  4. Century Tuna – needs a can opener, it comes with Filipino dish varieties. Great with bowl of rice.
  5. 555 Sardines (Spicy) – a good alternative when my top 4 is not available. (Budget reasons)
  6. Calamares – when squid is scarce. If you feel like eating one
  7. Hunt’s Pork and Beans – great source of high protein and gas.
  8. Any Canned Mushrooms – main ingredient of my spicy mushroom. Fry: Cloves of garlic, chopped chili, and a bit of oyster sauce.
  9. Del Monte Fruit Cocktail – mixed fruit galore. Ideal for a quick fruit salad!
  10. Canned Pineapple – any brand, easy juice supply.

That’s it pancit… What’s yours?


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